A notice to all of our families. We have a student in our school that has a severe nut allergy. We need to make our school a nut free school for the safety of our student. Thank you for your help and support in this manner.

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Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you had a fantastic summer and are as excited as we are to begin a new and exciting school year. We have had some staffing changes over the summer so here is our staff for the 2016 - 2017 school year.

ECS - Mrs. Bargholz

Grade 1/2G - Ms. Goodrich

Grade 1/2R - Mrs. Ritchie

Grade 1/2D - Mme Denman

Grade 3/4P - Mrs. Pezderic

Grade 3/4O - Mrs. Ouellette

Grade 3/4R - Mme Reich

Grade 5D - Mr. Dahms

Grade 6S - Mr. Stengel

Grade 5/6K - Mme Knudson

Grade 7 - Mrs. Martin

FSL - Mrs. Lucas

MWL - Ms. Schnettler

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Breitkreuz

Vice Principal - Ms. Carson

Principal - Mrs. Wilson

On Wednesday, August 31st the Grade 7 students will have their Zombie Run. We will have some pictures to share from this event later.

School starts on Tuesday, September 6th.

Domino's Fundraiser

You were sent home forms for Dominos fundraising cards and there was no return date on them.  This is because this will be an on going fundraiser for the school.  So if you buy some, use them and want more - please just let us know by printing off another form or by calling us here at the school.

Domio's Fundraiser

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